The Most Elegant Libra Tattoos to Attract You

Libra tattoos meaning is fair and balanced. The representative element of Libra is the blindfolded goddess of justice, holding a scale in one hand and a sword in the other. However, generally, our Libra tattoos only use the scales as a representative element.

Libra season is September 23rd to October 23rd, and now is exactly the time of Libra. If you are also a person of this sign, then you can consider a Libra tattoo.

Libra’s strengths are fairness and good cooperation. However, because they consider things so thoroughly, they may seem a bit indecisive.

Here we have prepared 12 of the most elegant Libra tattoos that can help you find the best inspiration for tattoos of this unique sign.


1. Ink style and dot work Libra tattoos comparison

The splash of black ink effect tattoo is very visually appealing. Simple, sense of power. This is an impressive zodiac tattoo.

Next is a traditional dot work Libra tattoo. Which of the two styles of scale tattoos do you prefer?

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2. Beautiful Libra

The goddess holds the scales in her hand, and the twinkling stars and the river of stars are beautiful. There are beautiful branches in the back. The first feeling when you see this Libra tattoo is elegance and peace.



3. Libra sign tattoos

Libra constellation is perfect and symmetrical, very much in line with the symbolism of this constellation. Embellished with some small flowers, stars, the moon, and realistic skeleton hand elements, so that your horoscope tattoo is rich and provokes attention and thought. That’s what tattoos are all about. A tattoo design has its own inner meaning and thoughts on life or nature in general.

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4. Minimalist Libra tattoo

Simple abstract scales, and the universal character of Libra, these minimalist zodiac tattoos are perfect for people above simplism.

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5. Elegant Libra tattoo

Libra’s representative flower is the rose, which can greatly enrich the style of this zodiac sign tattoo. There is also the next element of the goddess of justice incorporated with rich shading variations that make this tattoo full of amazing details.

What are the two trays of Libra to measure the value of what things to compare? This is one of the most attractive features of the Libra tattoo.

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