10 Best Mandala Tattoo Designs to Inspire You

Mandala tattoo designs are mysterious and attractive tattoos. This tattoo design is always associated with religion. Mandala tattoos symbolize balance, perfection, and eternity of mind and body. You can easily feel the inner meaning of mandala designs from their perfect symmetry and order-filled style.

Both Hinduism and Buddhism have a lot of deep mandala cultures. It is their symbol. In these religions, the mandala symbolizes the universe. The traditional mandala pattern is a square containing a circle, with perfect overall symmetry and balance. But nowadays, the art of mandala tattooing has innovated many new forms of patterns.

If you are also a big fan of mandala tattoo designs, then take a look at our article, and hopefully, you will find the best inspiration about mandala tattoos.


1. forearm and leg mandala tattoo designs

Perfectly symmetrical mandala tattoos are perfect for these two areas. The rounded surface of the arms and legs better show the symmetry of the mandala pattern.

Lotus is the most common element of mandala ink, originally the lotus flower has a deep connection with the religion of the East. And blue has the symbol of quiet and mystery, this color is also very suitable for the mandala pattern.

Of course, if you like, the rose into the mandala pattern is also a very good tattoo idea. Line tattoos, black and gray tattoos, and thick black line stripes body combined with mandala patterns are very creative tattoo designs.

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2. small mandala tattoo ideas

Mandala patterns are usually large and ornate. But very creative small mandalas are also very delicate and attractive. Especially the small mandala ink on the chest and hands.

These small mandalas are compared with large mandala patterns, which one do you prefer?

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3. Beautiful black and gray mandala tats design

Nowadays, mandala tattoos are no longer simply the art of lines and patterns. These mandala tattoos blend with shading variations to look more stunning.



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