15 Best Lion Tattoo Designs to Inspire You

The lion tattoo designs are one of the most popular tattoos for women and men. The lion tattoo represents domination, strength, courage, and protection. This powerful animal is known as the king of all animals and you can easily recognize them.

Many peoples and cultures around the world hold the lion in high esteem. Lions are also one of the most common creatures in various arts and cultures. In almost all cultures the lion is a positive and active symbol.

Today we have compiled 15 of the best lion tattoo designs and hope that these powerful kings of all animals tattoo ideas will give you some inspiration.


1. forearm lion tattoo designs

The forearm is the most common body part of the lion tattoo. Here is two styles of forearm lion tattoo ideas, a minimalist geometric lion tattoo, a gorgeous realistic style black ink lion tattoo.

Geometric style lion tattoos are more hard and majestic and can show your strong confidence and power. And the following gorgeous lion tattoo has a beautiful flower embellishment, more able to show the protective side of the lion.



2. thigh lion tattooing ideas

Strong and powerful thighs are great for a powerful lion tattoo. Thigh lion tattoos are a combination of strength and beauty. Especially with this half-lion face tattoo, half-lion face, and half flowers or beautiful lines. This masking effect leaves room for the imagination, mysterious and powerful.




3. male and female lion tattoos

The male lion tattoo shows strength and dominance, and coupled with the shear head tattoo representing purpose and determination, this is a powerful tattoo design that a man would love to have.

And a female lion tattoo on the shoulder paired with a beautiful floral tattoo showcases a woman’s confidence, beauty, and strong motherly love.




4. minimalist lion tattoo ideas

One line of lion tattoo, simple and full of smooth meaning. The mother lion protects the young lion that kind of affectionate love is expressed in the best way. These one-line tattoos and line tattoos allow people to focus more on the emotions expressed in the work.



5. realistic style lion tattoo design

Realistic and majestic realistic style lion tattoos can best show the lion’s power and deterrent effect. Whether it is a crown lion tattoo, a flower lion, and a mandala lion, a framed lion, these best lion tattoos are worthy of your collection and try.










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