50+ Best Animal Tattoos and Their Meanings

Animal tattoos are another popular tattoo in addition to flower tattoos. Moreover, many times animal tattoos are worn together with floral tattoos. In modern society, humans are becoming more and more aware of environmental protection and harmony with nature. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of these creature tattoos.

Humans can not be separated from other creatures on earth, we are an organic whole. There are also many options for animal tattoos, the most common are tiger tattoos, cat tattoos, insect tattoos, bird tattoos, and sea creature tattoos, among others.

People choose a particular animal tattoo, usually to commemorate or have a close relationship within. More identified with the meaning and symbolism behind this animal.

In the following paragraphs, we will showcase some of the best animal tattoo designs and explore the symbolism behind them. We hope that this ink art about animals will give you some inspiration.


1. Animal tattoos meaning and symbolism

Tiger tattoo meaning is courage, strength, and guardianship. He also represents the king and dignity.

Cat tattoos are sometimes just to purely honor their pets. The cat tattoo meaning is rebirth and also represents royalty and dignity.

The snake tattoo symbolizes wisdom and personal transformation.

The butterfly tattoo symbolizes metamorphosis and personal growth.





2. Bee tattoo and bird tattoo meaning

Bee tattoo is one of the more popular insect tattoos. This tattoo meaning is loyalty and hard work.

Bird tattoos generally symbolize independence and freedom.

Jellyfish tattoos symbolize flexibility and floating, but also represent strength and protection. The tentacles of jellyfish have deadly poisonous stingers.












3. Parrot tattoo, dragonfly tattoo

Parrots are one of the most intelligent birds. They can imitate human language. Parrot tattoos symbolize loyalty and courtship.

Dragonfly tattoos represent independence, prosperity, and strength. Dragonflies are masters of flight and their flying skills have inspired and inspired mankind in so many ways.








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