10 Best Orange Nail Ideas and Designs

Orange combines red passion with yellow happiness. Therefore, the orange nail feels warm, happy, and sunny.

At the same time, orange is not as aggressive as red, so orange manicure passion also contains some steady factors. It is suitable for any occasion.

Orange can be used to create many amazing nail designs. Generally, an orange manicure is very suitable for summer wear. Now is a good time to showcase this charming manicure of this color.


1.Shiny orange nail ideas

Orange plus shiny manicure polish is an amazing manicure idea. Full of a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Grid pattern and golden rhinestones, as well as beautiful dark line decoration. Makes this manicure no longer monotonous. This is an orange manicure design that you want to collect.

source: @/pro_cypress_nails/


2.Three-dimensional flower orange nails

The three-dimensional flower decoration nail design is especially popular. Take a look at this passionate orange three-dimensional flower coffin manicure idea. You will be thrilled.

source: @/pro_cypress_nails/


3.Butterfly pattern orange nail design

How can there be less beautiful butterfly decoration in summer nails! There are white three-dimensional flowers, glittering rhinestones. Which amazing orange nails will you choose.

source: @/pro_cypress_nails/


4.Alluring orange nail color

Orange nails with fruit decoration patterns are too tempting. There are also nail ideas that are mixed with orange and other colors, which are more lively than gradient colors.

source: @/zack_pn/    source: @/huequeennails/


5.Matte orange manicure ideas

Matte orange nails are as attractive as fruit pulp. Which one do you like better than bright light nails?

source: @/jay.nailed.itt/


Through our list of orange manicures, you can see the magic of orange nails, which are very popular in summer.

If you didn’t like orange before, you will change after seeing the beautiful orange manicure ideas we showed!

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