The Beautiful Lily and It’s Meaning

The lily flower is very beautiful, especially its flower shape, the blooming shape is very beautiful.

The meaning of lilies generally represents purity and piety. In the East, lilies represent the love that never separates. Especially in China, the literal meaning means a hundred years of perfect love.

In Greek mythology, lilies are related to the story of Zeus and Hera. The legend is that Zeus took the baby Hercules secretly to Hera’s residence, and wanted Hera to feed the baby Hercules.

But Hera pushed the baby Hercules away, and the milk sprinkled and turned into lilies. Therefore lilies are also related to motherhood.


White lily

The white lily symbolizes purity and virtue. White is generally slightly with some other colors, such as a light pink or yellow. Such flowers look more delicate and beautiful.


Pink lily


Red lilies

The red lilies symbolize passion. This is a kind of warm flower, and it is full of jumping heat.


Orange lilies

The orange lilies symbolize self-confidence and pride. Especially tiger lily, the black dot pattern on the petals makes this flower full of a confident temperament.


Yellow lilies

The yellow lilies symbolizes gratitude. A color that makes people feel peaceful and sacred.

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