The Best Lily Tattoo and What They Mean

The meaning of the lily tattoo symbolizes purity, innocence, and piety. Therefore, this tattoo is very popular with women.

The flower type of lilies is also very beautiful. The graceful petals symbolize the feminine lines. Their upright stamens symbolize women’s independent and strong temperament.

Moreover, different colors of lilies represent slightly different meanings. If you also want to find the lilies tattoo that best suits your temperament, then you can pay attention to our article.


1.Pink lily tattoo

The pink Lilies tattoo symbolizes the cuteness and innocence of women. Combining lavender and cute cats and crescents, the sky twinkles stars. It symbolizes the longing for a better life.

source: @/xiso_ink/


2.Lily tattoo location

The most suitable tattoo positions for flowers are generally arms and legs. The same is true for lilies. See how beautiful the ankle tattoo in light colors! The elegant lily can best show the feminine beauty.

source: @/tattoo.haneul/


3.Minimalist tattoos

Clean lines, traditional black ink tattoo. Demonstrate the capable and independent temperament of women.

 source: @/pauline.son/


4.Black ink lily tattoo

Classic black tattoo. Symbolizes piety. Get rid of the impetuousness of modern society and quiet your mind. Meditate on life.

source: @/brunatattooer/


5.Rough style tattoo

Powerful and independent style, this flower tattoo is suitable for both men and women.

source: @/vadersdye/ @/cortney_tattoos/


6.White lily tattoo

Very special tattoo style. White lily can show the purity and innocence of women. The fusion of snake elements increases the meaning of wisdom and independence.

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