How to Draw a Lily: Practice for Beginners

Lilies are beautiful and simple. It is easy to draw a lily. There are many easy-to-learn tutorials when searching the Internet.

Today, as a beginner, I also tried to draw a lily. As long as a pencil, a piece of paper, you can start.


1. First, draw six ellipses. These will act as petals, and the end of each ellipse will be more pointed. The sides of each petal should be curved as much as possible.

The graceful S-shaped arc is the best. But you will find that I failed to draw beautiful curves. You can have a try.


2. Draw the stamens of the lilies. Draw six small ellipses. Each oval stamen is slightly curved towards the center of the lily.

The stalk of the stamens should be slender, almost half the length of the petals. This is the outstanding feature of lilies.


3. Draw the stem of the lily. The underside of the flower stem is slightly thicker. You can draw two leaves. It looks more beautiful overall.

Draw a curve in the center of the petal. Refine the petals.


4. Finally, draw the shadow. The area directly illuminated by the light remains highlighted.

Groom your lily slowly to make it look more three-dimensional and lively.


Draw a lily step by step


Some drawing exercises before


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