10+ The Best Forget-Me-Not Tattoo Designs

Forget-me-not tattoo is one of the most common flower tattoos. Today we again collected some forget-me-not tattoo designs.

Hope you can find the biggest tattoo inspiration about “Forget me not” flowers. The meaning of “Forget me not” tattoo represents true love and eternal memory.


1.Small tattoo about forget-me-not flowers

Women’s tattoos are generally small and delicate. “Forget me not” flowers are most suitable for this style. Especially the elegant and charming true blue is especially attractive.

The combination of “Forget me not” flowers and crescent moon adds to the beauty of this tattoo.

source: @/heim__tattoo/


2.Light colors forget-me-not tattoos

The light and gentle colors thoroughly show the femininity and tenderness of women. The graceful arc and falling petals add to the feminine beauty.

source: @/tattooist_flower/


3.Bouquet tattoo

Many times, flower tattoos are a combination of several types of flowers.

For example, tattoos combined with sunflowers, lavender, and daisies. It looks more beautiful, with more symbolic meaning. What kind of flower do you like to combine with forget-me-not, you can leave us a message below.

source: @/picsola/


The “Forget-me-not” tattoo contains the meaning of devotion love and sincere affection.

In most cases, the “Forget me not flower” tattoo design is a remembrance left by the people they love.

If you also have someone you love and want to get a tattoo to commemorate, forget-me-not is your best choice.

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