How to Draw: Novice Drawing Exercises

As a beginner, we continue with drawing exercises. This time we practice drawing a few spheres arranged together.

First, we start with a circle. If you are as difficult as me to complete a circle at once, you can first use many points to form a circle slowly. Finally, draw a whole circle.


Well, you finally learned to draw circles skillfully. Then enjoy painting. Remember that the circle in the distance is getting smaller and smaller. Slowly shift upwards. This can draw the feeling of depth of field.


Finally, determine the position of the light source, we put it on the upper right. Then draw the projection. Then came the corner shadow.

Then draw a light shadow on the sphere backlight position. See, we drew a three-dimensional effect.



What I painted is really bad. However, step by step finally completed another beginner practice.


Finally, I tried to learn to draw a simple penguin.


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