20+ Creepy Spider Makeup for Halloween 2020

Do you want to try the creepy spider makeup for Halloween 2020? The key to the success of this terrifying spider appearance is to create a three-dimensional feeling.

The spider feels like crawling out of your mouth or eyes. This needs to be achieved through some clever shadows.

Take a look at the horror spider looks we have compiled, and you can find inspiration for the realization of horror shadows.


1.Black long-legged spider makeup ideas

If you are not proficient in makeup skills, then you can consider these scary spiders dress up. The legs can be made by DIY with straws, just sprayed with black makeup paint.

The black veins around the eyes are also easy to complete.

source: @/just_l_makeup/


2.Queen Spider Halloween Makeup

The black little spider decoration on off-white hair is a cool Halloween idea.

Simple black and white makeup can complete the appearance of a terrifying queen spider.

But to be more realistic and creepy, you need Halloween looks to make masks.

source: @/momjesusone/


3.Scary screaming Halloween spider

As long as you skillfully use black and white makeup paint, plus clever shadow practice. You will get the most praise this Halloween.

Moreover, the combination of skull and spider is also a good Halloween idea. There are also scary black pupils. These are great Halloween spider makeup ideas.

source: @/daedric.models/


4.Queen spider and realistic shadow

source: @/themeialua/


source: @dame_zombie/


source: @/_amirtani_/


source: @/nikolett_arnoth/


source: @/cear.ah/


5.Huge spider on the face

As long as you use clever shadows, you can get the most successful Halloween spider.

source: @/jessluiza.art/


source: @/itsyourghoul/

source: @/makeup_axaeus/


source: @/hallumas.makeup/


6.Cobweb makeup on the face

source: @/surgerymakeupofficial/

how about it? Are you inspired by Halloween spider makeup? You can post your trial works in the comment area.


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