Simple Thanksgiving nails you’ll love

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Thanksgiving 2021 is almost here. We’ve put together some simple Thanksgiving nails. These beautiful Thanksgiving manicures are simple but full of holiday spirit. We need to be more thankful and happy this year. These tough days will always pass. Warm and happy holiday nails can chase away all the dark moods. With pretty fall leaves, … Read more

15 Best Thanksgiving Nails to Inspire You

Thanksgiving Nails-20211101

Thanksgiving is coming up soon, are you planning beautiful Thanksgiving nails again. In addition to the classic turkey and pumpkin elements, our Thanksgiving nails need some exciting nail design ideas. Like the popular swirls, glitter or leaves, and other nail ideas. If you need more Thanksgiving mani ideas to refer to, then keep reading our … Read more

65 Best November Nails to Inspire You

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November is the end of fall, and your November nails should have the most mature fall vibe. It’s even time to start exploring winter nails. November also has the important Thanksgiving Day, and your Thanksgiving nail inspiration needs to be updated as well. Gather around a warm campfire or fireplace, with family or friends. You … Read more