Simple Thanksgiving nails you’ll love

Thanksgiving 2021 is almost here. We’ve put together some simple Thanksgiving nails. These beautiful Thanksgiving manicures are simple but full of holiday spirit.

We need to be more thankful and happy this year. These tough days will always pass. Warm and happy holiday nails can chase away all the dark moods. With pretty fall leaves, turkeys, pumpkins, and turkey legs, these Thanksgiving manicure elements are something to look forward to every year.


1. Simple Thanksgiving Almond Nails

The softly shaped almond nails are perfect for Thanksgiving wear. Pair them with classic French tips and festive colors. If you think the French style is a bit dull, then the innovative French style below is lively. It’s also great to combine it with some swirly nail ideas.




2. Thanksgiving mani colors

Turkey colors, golden yellow, green, and pumpkin orange are the most beautiful Thanksgiving colors. Don’t worry too much, as long as you use these charming holiday colors on your nails you surely can’t go wrong.





3. Fall foliage and Thanksgiving ideas

The beautiful red and orange leaves of autumn are the most festive. There is also a beautiful fall plaid pattern which is easily reminiscent of a warm and cozy sweater pattern.






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