15 Perfect Gel Nails You Should Try

Gel nails look better, more natural, and shiny than other types of nails. That’s why gel manicures are becoming more and more popular. Gel nails are more environmentally friendly and safer compared to acrylic nails.

In comparison, acrylic nails have a pungent odor and fumes and are more afraid of water and sweat, so if you are constantly exposed to water and sweat from regular exercise, it is best to choose gel nails.

However, gel manicures require UV light to cure which is less convenient for them.

Today we have compiled 15 perfect gel nail designs and ideas for you, we hope these beautiful gel mani will give you some inspiration for your best manicures.


1. The popular gel nails this year

Almond nails with beautiful swirls, this is the most popular nail idea this year. Black and brown gradient color swirls are perfect for this cold season. Winter nails will definitely stand out when you choose these two ideas.

Black and gold irregular pattern like cow print is also a popular nail element this year.




2. Gel Coffin Mani

The long coffin gel mani is very beautiful and natural. It with stunning floral patterns, swirls, and 3D flowers, and the most classic French tips. You deserve to try these perfect gel coffin manis.




3. Creative gel nails

The glossy brown gradient is as sweet as candy. Matte marble style is full of texture.

There is also gorgeous fine heel gel nail with this crocodile print, leopard print, cow print, which are simply fabulous nail ideas.


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4. glossy gel mani

Glossy gel mani is the most beautiful and charming for both short and long nails.




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