100+ Amazing Long Coffin Nails Ideas 2019

Long coffin nails are very eye-catching and stylish! Many fashionable celebrities often wear these gorgeous long mani. These long nails can be indulged with many nail art elements to form a variety of stunning and stylish nail art ideas, making them very popular among fashionistas.

However, these long nails can be a bit inconvenient in everyday life. This is perhaps the little price to pay for the pursuit of fashion.

Today we have prepared 100+ amazing long coffin nails and hope they will open the door to your nail fashion inspiration!


1. French long coffin nails

French-style is elegant and charming. The combination of French and long coffin manicures instantly attracts the attention of fashionistas. Moreover, French-style can create fabulous fresh long coffin mani nail ideas if you add some lively or bold improvements.

A few playful bumps, silver cross accents, some shape variations, etc. will give you new inspiration for the classic French coffin mani.















Source: @chaunlegend


2. Gradient color long coffin mani

Gradient color and nude color are both the most popular nail elements. Check out these celebrities’ stylish long coffin mani to find your own mani inspiration.

























3. Fashion coffin nails a variety of beautiful embellishments

Marbled, sequins, frosted, shiny, chrome, and so on these beautiful nail embellishments, each of which can create a stylish mani.















Source: @chaunlegend



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