157 Classy Coffin Nails Design That You Should Try

150+ Coffin nails design, each is very beautiful, including two amazing toenails, See if they can make you feel excited?

These beautiful nail designs come in bright, beautiful colors, full of texture and an alluring shine. This signifies health, cheerfulness, and vitality.

Of course, there are attractive shapes. The shape of coffin nails is our favorite. Each of these nails is worth pinning to your board.

Read down and find what you want to try.


1. Long coffin nails design and short coffin nail design comparison

Coffin nails are attractive no matter how long or short they are. These nails are also known as ballet shoe nails and this shape makes your fingers look long and elegant. The square end of the nail in turn looks like a stable and secure nail.

This attractive nail coupled with popular colors, French style, sequins, and some creative pattern designs will make people fall in love with it.






Source: @tonysnail



2. Coffin nails design popular colors

Pink, black, lilac, gray, blue, and nude is some of the most popular shades that can be combined to create stunning coffin nail art ideas. Take a closer look at the pictures below to see which color is your favorite.









3. Gorgeous rose gold nail color

Beautiful and dazzling rose gold color and other color manicures show contrast.







4. Glitter decorative coffin nail design

Glitter decoration is the most popular element of manicure. This gorgeous embellishment makes the nail lively and eye-catching.









5. Ombre coffin nail ideas

Ombre nails are a gradient of two colors that smooth each other out. Together with glitter and chrome, gradient nails are a very popular manicure idea.















6. Rhinestone decorated manicure

Gorgeous rhinestones combined with coffin nails, more graceful and luxurious.













Source: @tonysnail


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