How to Draw a Nose Step by Step

When drawing a portrait, draw a nose should be something we feel comfortable doing. However, it should not be taken lightly. The nose also plays a big role in drawing a realistic portrait.

In this article, we are going to Sketching the Nose step by step with a pencil. This is still an easy beginner’s tutorial on how to drawing a nose.


1. Draw a Nose Front View

First, let’s draw the general outline of the nose.

We draw a circle, then we draw two small circles on either side of the circle.

Note the proportions, as the circles are about the size of the wings of the nose we are drawing.

Then we will drawing the general outline of the bridge of the nose.

Then we drawing the outline of the nostrils and the nose wings.


2. Draw a Nose Change of Light and Dark

Next, we erase the excess auxiliary lines with an eraser.

Start drawing shadows. Note the position of the highlights.


3. Sketching Nose Details

Finally, we begin to draw clear variations of light and shade.

As long as we accurately drawing the light and dark areas of the nose, our sketch of the nose will be very realistic.

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