How to Draw Lips & Mouth (Step by Step)

Today we’re going to practice draw lips. When we express our emotions, besides our eyes, our mouths are also involved. This is why the mouth is also important for portraits.

We’ve put together a step-by-step tutorial for drawing the mouth. It’s simple and suitable for beginners like us. This time we need a 2H and 2B pencils.


1. Beginner Draw Lips

First we still need to draw the auxiliary lines with a 2H pencil. First draw a large rectangle, noting that the length is twice as long as the width.

Then divide this rectangle into eight smaller squares.

Then we begin to draw the upper lip line outline. Next is the lower lip line outline.

You’ll find that this auxiliary line is so useful. As a beginner, we can easily draw the perfect outline of the mouth as well.


2. Start drawing shadows

Next, we first finished drawing the outline of the teeth with a 2H pencil.

Then we erase the secondary lines. A nice preliminary portrait of the mouth is done.

Next we begin to draw the shadows, again with 2H pencils.

As a first step, we’ll draw the shadow on the upper lip.


3. Draw Lips Preliminary Light and Dark

We have finished shading the upper lip.

Then we draw the dark part in the middle of the lip, where we want to deepen it, so we can use a 2B pencil.

Next, draw the highlighted area of the lower lip with a 2H pencil. Circle the highlight area, which is the brightest part of the lip.

Then, finish drawing the shadow of the lower lip.


4.Final details of the mouth

Lastly, you can try using a 2H pencil for multiple shading of the lips. This can appear characteristic of glossy pencils.


5. Another drawing mouth exercise

Here is another drawing mouth exercise that is also good for beginners.

If you want to show your work, feel free to leave us a comment below.

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