How to Draw Hands Step by Step for Beginners

As you understand, drawing hands can be a real headache. There are so many variations of hand gestures. Especially for beginners like us, drawing hands is a great way to lose the passion for learning to draw. But follow us in this tutorial: Draw Hands Step by Step. You’ll regain your enthusiasm for learning to draw.

And this time we’re going to up the ante, we’re going to try drawing hands to hold things! Come on, let’s do it.


1. Draw hands step by step: drawing the rough outline of the palm

First, draw a rectangle, note the proportions, this will be the basic length of the palm part of your drawing hand.

Then, draw two curved lines following the ratio column shown in the picture. This will give you the basic shape of the palm we are going to draw.

Next, draw four roughly sized circles at the top, this will be the first joint of the four fingers.


2. Draw the auxiliary finger line

Next, we begin to draw the auxiliary lines for the fingers.

First, we’ll draw the auxiliary line of the middle finger because the length of the middle finger is the same as the length of the palm. That way we have a reference point.

Then draw the auxiliary lines for the other fingers, noting that the index finger, ring finger, and little finger are shorter than the middle finger.

You can follow our tutorial to draw a curved line to determine the approximate length of the other fingers.

Finally, the thumb is the same length as the middle finger and has a slight curve at the base.

Next, you can draw the other joints of the fingers, paying attention to the proportions and length. The second and third knuckles combined are the same length as the first knuckle.


3. Drawing hands step by step: perfecting the details

We began to draw the outline of the handshape following the auxiliary lines.

Then erase the auxiliary lines. Our piece was almost in shape! Isn’t it cool that in a few simple steps we can also draw perfectly proportioned hands?

Finally, add details to your hands. The nails, the lines of the joints, and the shadows.


4. Drawing hands to hold things

Next up are some of the drawing hands we practiced.

If you also have a drawing handpiece you’d like to show, please leave us a comment.

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