How to Draw Hands Step by Step Tutorial

The hand is one of the most creative organs we humans have. It is flexible and complex, and we can express many things through gestures. But if you want to draw hands, it can be a very challenging thing to do.

Especially when we are trying to draw a real hand, the distorted proportions will always undermine our confidence, especially for us beginners.

However, here we have compiled some effective methods that allow us, beginners, to draw realistic hands step by step.


1. Draw Hands Baselines

First, we start drawing the baseline of the hand, two ovals, one large and one small. This will pretty much define the proportions and size of the hand.

Therefore, note the proportional relationship between the relative positions of the two ellipses.

However, as a beginner, we can finish our first drawing of the hand without worrying too much about mistakes, so that you will have some understanding of the proportions of the hand.


2. Draw the contour of each finger.

Start drawing the contour of your index finger. Notice how the curvature of the line changes so you can show the graceful shape of your hand.

Then draw the contour of the thumb, followed by the middle, ring, and little fingers. Notice the curvature of the lines where they intersect.


3. Drawing hand details and shadows

Erase the auxiliary line.

Look! We drew a realistic hand. It’s still not perfect, but we’ve started painting the hand.

Starting is 50% of success!

Let’s start drawing some texture variations.

Finally, start drawing some simple shadows.

If you want to showcase your masterpiece, drop us a line in the comment section.


4.Draw hands Other exercises

Had enough of your first painted hand masterpiece?

If you’re like us and bursting with confidence, then you’re ready for the drawing hand attempt below!

Have fun practicing.

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