How to Draw Clown Face Pennywise | Step by Step

We’ve already drawn a killer clown, that’s a small drawing of a bust. It’s a dead ringer for Spider-Man. This time we draw clown face Pennywise.

It’s a classic character from the movie ‘It’. This character is an ancient cosmic demon. In the movie, it appears mainly in the form of Pennywise, which is a scary dancing clown.

Let’s get started, this is still a simple step-by-step tutorial for drawing a clown. You can easily keep up with our pace.


1. Draw clown face auxiliary lines

Still starting with the familiar auxiliary line. This time we draw a simple clown with only the main features.

The auxiliary lines help us locate the clown’s eyes. This is a long rectangular auxiliary frame which we have divided into five equal parts.

Each eye occupies two equal parts.

Then we start drawing the creepy eyes of the clown. Notice that the eyeball is on top.


2. Joker’s scary eyes

Continue to finish drawing the dancing clown’s eyes. Note the drawing of the obvious eye bags. This is a demon that is often nocturnal.

Then draw the clown’s evil thin eyebrows, followed by the clown’s classic scar line through the eye. Note the curves and angles. To make the decorative scar look more vicious.


3. Color and shade the clowns

Use an eraser to erase the auxiliary lines, then draw the outline clearly.

Then we’ll start coloring the clown.

Through the scar-like shape of the eye, we paint it red.

The pupils are black, the eyeballs are painted yellow and then brown.

Note that I used green here. You should try the brown one.


4. Draw a clown face Detail

The lower eyelid is painted in a combination of red and black. Next, the eye bags are deep black.

Then paint the blood of the eyeball. Finally, draw the lower lashes.

A few simple steps and you’ve got a creepy clown face.

Of course, this is only the most characteristic part of the clown’s eyes, next time we’ll do the whole thing.

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