How to Draw Coraline(Other Mother)Step by Step

Coraline is a creepy dark movie. Other Mother characters in it are impressive, and today we are going to draw Coraline(Other Mother).

This is also a step by step tutorial, as a beginner let’s learn and try to draw this impressive character together.

1.Draw Coraline (Other Mother) simple outline.

First, we still draw the auxiliary lines. We draw two vertical auxiliary lines.

Notice that this time we’re going to draw a crooked-headed crazy Other Mother.

So, the auxiliary lines will be tilted at an angle.

Next, we draw a distorted ellipse. Like the shape of a melon.

Then we draw the outline of the eyes and the outline of the chin.

The other mother is a very thin character, so make sure the chin line is narrow.


2. Draw Coraline (Other Mother) hair and clothes outlines

After completing the outline of the head, begin drawing the basic outline of the hair. Note that the tops of Other Mother heads are spiky shapes.

Next, draw the outline of the shoulders of the Other Mother. The shoulders of the dresses are pointed shapes.

Finally, draw Coraline (Other Mother) thin neck.

Lastly, draw the general outline of the nose. Again, note the sharp shapes.


3. Final detail refinement

Finish drawing Other Mother mouths first. Draw the long teeth.

Then draw the button eyes, which are an important element in Coraline’s film. The buttons cover the eyes, which makes it impossible for the characters to make eye contact.

Finally, let’s start drawing shadows and details. In a few simple steps, we have an interesting painting.

And you can also get a lot of inspiration for your Halloween makeup from these experiences.


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