How to Draw Halloween Step by Step

Are you like us and like to prepare some Halloween supplies yourself? Especially draw Halloween things.

Well, today we have another fun step-by-step tutorial for Halloween painting. Let’s paint a scary muppet, which will surely catch your interest.


1. Draw the outline of the ragdoll’s head

First, as a beginner, we still need to draw the auxiliary line. First, draw a tilted ellipse, then draw the auxiliary line through the center of the ellipse.

The vertical auxiliary line will be longer because in the next step we’ll be drawing the Muppet’s torso.

Next, we’ll draw the line for the Muppet’s mouth, which is a long U-shaped mouth, paying attention to the position and angle.

A thorough stitch in the middle of the Muppet’s head will also be drawn.


2. Draw Halloween Horror Dolls

Next, let’s start drawing the Muppet’s eyes. We need to draw them larger, which is the basic outline line.

Then draw the torso part of the doll, making sure that it is about the same length as the head.

We’ve drawn other Ragdoll baby body proportions in previous tutorials. This was easy.


3.Draw Halloween Muppet Hands and Feet

There are still ties after painting the doll’s scarf.

Next draw the rag doll’s right hand, holding a half-eaten lollipop.

Then draw the left hand with a cloth pocket in its hand.

Lastly, finish drawing the feet of the ragdoll.


4. Start refining the details

First, draw the outer ring of the Muppet’s round eyes. A rougher arc is fine.

The horror rag doll we’re drawing has button-shaped DE eyes, so start drawing the inner buttonhole.

Then draw the stitches to close the buttonhole. Then start drawing the stitching effect of the mouth and the center of the head.

At this point, the Ragdoll’s outline lines are almost finished.

Start drawing the shadows and shading.

We’ll start with the eyes, paint the shadows, and start drawing the texture of the stitches.


5. Final Finished Draw Halloween Horror Rag Doll

After the eyes, you can now perfect the shadows on the Muppet’s head. Note the effect of some twine.

Then the shadows and details of the clothes.

Next, paint the pumpkin lollipop that the puppet is holding in his hand, and make it look like it is melting and flowing.

Then the rag bag, the clutter effect on the ground.

Well, isn’t that a great piece of work you’ve finished too. Please post your work or thoughts on it in the comments section.


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