How to Draw Bumble Bee Step-by-Step Tutorial

Bumblebees are industrious and adorable insects. Today we are going to draw bumble bee, which is a simple step-by-step tutorial for beginners.

And, we’re going to draw a realistic bumblebee, so come on let’s get started.


1. Draw bumble bee outline the torso.

First, draw a long vertical auxiliary line. Then draw a simple outline of the bumblebee’s head, chest, and abdomen.

With the auxiliary line, it’s easy to draw these circular structures.

However, pay attention to the proportions, and the size of the crossed sections.


2. Draw the basic outline of the wings

First, draw the second auxiliary line, which is the horizontal auxiliary line through the center of the bumblebee’s torso.

Next, start drawing the contour line of the upper part of the bumblebee’s wings.

As a beginner, we can start by drawing straight segments, which is easier.

Also, pay attention to the angle of the line segment, which is about 30 degrees from the horizontal auxiliary line. The length is about the same as the length of the torso.

The lower part of the wing can be drawn as a curve.

After that, start drawing the antennae of the bumblebee.


3. Draw Bumble Bee Legs

Next, start drawing the bumblebee‘s legs, and we’ll still start with the line segment auxiliary line.

Notice that the cute bumblebee is fatter and has shorter legs.

Next, refine the outline of the wings and draw a graceful curved line.

Then, using the auxiliary line as the center line, we start drawing the bumblebee’s chubby legs.


4. Draw Bumble Bee light and shade

Finish drawing all of Bumblebee’s short, fat legs first. Note the curvature of the third part of the leg.

Here, the basic outline of the bumblebee is complete.

Next, erase the auxiliary lines with an eraser.

Starting with the head, we’ll start with the first layer of shadow.


5. Complete details

Note that the bumblebee’s abdomen is divided into 4 parts.

Subsequently refine the shading and fluff on the bumblebee’s head and torso.

Next is the abdomen shading and fluff, and the leg fluff.

Finally the wings, drawing the veins and shadows.


6. Draw leg projection

To add dimension to your painting, end by drawing a projection of the bumblebee’s legs. Note the changes in light and shade of the projection.

The closer you get to the tip of the foot, the darker the shadow.

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