How to Draw Feet Step by Step for Beginners

Draw feet is difficult. Because the structure of the foot is very complex, there are 26 bones in one foot. And the total number of bones in the human body is only 206.

Also, our feet spend most of the time in shoes, so people are generally not very familiar with feet.

However, by observing the structure of the foot, we can also simplify it. It makes it easy for beginners to draw realistic feet.


1.Simplified outline of draw feet

First, we draw a simple outline, paying attention to the proportions. The width of the calf, the width of the foot, and the length. These must be done in accordance with the appropriate proportions.

If you feel that the ratio is not in harmony, you can slowly modify it and try a few more times.

Also, pay attention to the height of the inner and outer ankles. You can take a closer look at your own feet.


2. Draw the toes and the curve of the foot.

Start drawing graceful curved lines, which will immediately give the rough geometric shapes you drew earlier the shape of your feet.

Then pay attention to the toes, get the thickness and length right, it’s not that hard now, is it?


3. Drawing the foot details

Finally, erase the auxiliary lines and draw some details.

Pay attention to the curvature of the arch of the foot, this will help you draw a more realistic foot.


By simplifying the feet to simple geometric shapes, as beginners, we easily drew the feet. It’s inspiring, isn’t it? Keep drawing!

Of course, there are various other forms of feet, but if you follow our method and practice more, you can draw a more perfect variety of feet.


Practice drawing feet

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