Mythical Lotus Tattoo Designs Zen Meditation

The lotus flower is always associated with Buddhism in the East. Therefore the lotus flower symbolizes Zen, purity, and rebirth. The lotus tattoo designs are a rather special tattoo.

Such tattoos always provoke attention and thought. If you also want this kind of flower tattoo with special meaning. Here are several fabulous lotus flower tattoos for your reference.


1. Lotus tattoo designs – simple

The essence of Zen Buddhism is simplicity and purity.

Therefore the minimalist lotus flower is the most characteristic. It is full of Zen meaning. Especially the simple and orderly lines.



2. Dotwork tattoo lotus

Dotwork accentuates the texture. People have a particular fondness for this orderly grainy texture.




3. Watercolor tattoo – lotus flower

Watercolor lotus flower in addition to the special color that makes people amazed. There is also that casual and natural style more suitable for the lotus flower.




4. Colorful Lotus

Pink lotus flowers are very suitable for women. Especially if you then integrate mysterious oriental elements. For example, the Chinese gossip pattern.


Of course, other colors of lotus flowers also have their own unique meanings.

The white lotus symbolizes purity and perfection.

The blue lotus is mysterious and wise.

The purple lotus symbolizes spirituality.

The red lotus flower represents love.

All of these colors can be achieved with tattoos. So which color and form of lotus flower tattoo do you prefer?


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