40+ The Most Unique Blue Tattoo Designs

The blue tattoo designs are soothing, harmonious, and quiet. It does not have the same strong visual impact and emotional cues as black tattoos and red tattoos. Blue tattoo designs generally signify calmness, harmony, confidence, or loyalty. Of course, with different tattoo design elements, blue tattoos can represent a richer meaning.

Blue is one of the three primary colors. It has always been one of the most popular colors. Therefore, blue tattooing ideas are also the more popular tattoo ideas that people choose. Blue has been an important color in art and decoration since ancient times. In ancient times, blue was also the color of choice for royalty. Blue is a color more associated with men.

Blue tattoo designs are easily reminiscent of the sky and the sea. We have brought together some of the most unique blue tattoo designs to provide you with blue ink inspiration.


1. Blue ocean tattooing designs and blue sky tattooing ideas

The sea, waves, and sky are the most relevant tattoo elements of blue. Blue butterfly and flower tattoos are also very common.











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2. Calm blue tattoo ideas

Blue either as the main body or background color, you can feel the calm and peacefulness revealed behind this tattoo design.

Of course, blue sometimes also represents melancholy. This is the negative side of this color.







Source: @m_tendo


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